Committed to High quality Construction in London 

Professional Build Projects

An innovative and modern construction company, we specialise in high quality residential and commercial builds. Working in SW London and surrounding areas, we provide a comprehensive list of building services, including refurbishments and large-scale extensions. 


We are fully experienced in working with traditional London homes, and convert properties with exceptional outcomes. Detail oriented and always working to a fair and competitive budget, we create properties that reflect our client’s vision and character.



Rear and side extensions

Versatile and very cost-effective, extensions allow homeowners to add more space to their property. Property extensions allow for growth without breaking the bank, which is particularly important in London.

We ensure that an extension is managed from pre-planning to completion, with detailed plans and budget that allow you to see the value we can bring. The end result is a beautiful update to your property that brings much-needed space.

Loft conversions

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to add space to your home, loft conversions are increasingly popular among London Homeowners. We offer design and build services that will expand your living space in a way that fits your lifestyle and living needs.

You get a full detailed plan and budget beforehand. This means you’re in control of the build and able to stay in control throughout. You gain a stunning loft conversion that does exactly what you want it to: give you more space in a way that ‘fits’ your property.


We meet many London property owners who want refurbishment, and we can offer a full and comprehensive service in this area. Able to bring you redecoration, refitting, and anything else that will update your property, we ensure you receive a detailed plan beforehand that you have full involvement with. This way, you get the refurbishment you want.


Experts and experienced, our team will make sure you get an outcome that has a great finish and real attention to detail. We want to make sure you get the results you need, and we pride ourselves on being highly detail-driven. Refurbishments should be breathtaking and a leap forward from what came before. We make sure that your refurbishment is exactly that.


Max has over 15 years experience working across a variety of construction projects in The City Of London. A carpenter by trade, Max branched out into construction site and project management over 10 years ago and has built a formidable network of reliable partners that have helped him deliver high quality residential projects since 2015.