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Project Portfolio

We plan, build and complete on a number of different projects around London and the surrounding areas. From side extensions to large-scale loft conversions, as well as small and large refurbishments, our job scope is comprehensive. No matter what your property needs, we are sure to be able to help.

Project 1: East Sheen

This project was completed in just 22 weeks. It was a full construction project, involving every trade you can think of, from plumbing to plastering. We also deployed specialist carpenters and electrical professionals. It was a unique project, as the back extension contained 40sq metres of polished concrete floor. Tough and durable, this kind of flooring has a very distinctive look. The ned result was a beautiful, practical extension.

Project 2: Battersea

In 2017 we completed on another high quality build. This one took 16 weeks from start to finish. The end result was stunning. Involved in the build was a team of steel work professionals, and a specialist faux grass contractor, who succeeded in giving the end result that natural look. In addition, we had to manage overlapping works with an adjacent property to get the job done.

Project 3: Teddington

This project was completed in 2018. The build took 26 weeks. It was a large project, and involved every trade being represented, including roofers, steel specialists and painters. Every project is a challenge, but this one also involved us working with contractors that were appointed by the client. We are proud to say it was a resounding success.

Project 4: Balham

Another 2018 project, this one took a total of 26 weeks to complete. It was a spacious side and rear extension project, and one we are particularly proud of. A unique build, we had to ensure there was a specialist zinc contractor on site for the zinc roofing.

Project 5: Fulham

This was a great-looking modern rear extension we finished on in 2018. The project took just 15 weeks from start to finish. It has a wonderful concrete floor that is made up of specialist polished concrete. All trades were involved in the build. We are sure you agree that the end result was spectacular.

Project 6: Wandsworth

This was a great project for us to work on, a refurbishment of 3 bathrooms that had a stunning end result. Completed in 2019, the project took just 8 weeks from start to finish. There were a number of trades involved including plumbing, specialist tilers and decorators. The one thing that made the project even more of a challenge was the fact that the client was in residence during the build.

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